Our story started rolling a very long time ago, when we opened our first clothing shop, called Intruz (an ‘Intruder’). Back then we mainly had to focus on staying afloat, but we craved much more.

In order to promote our shop, we were constantly organising skating events, concerts and indoor gigs. Because of that, we met an enormous amount of fascinating people, from whom we learnt a great deal; this knowledge is what still keeps us going today. In 2005 we were finally ready to start what we had always wanted to do: launch our own line of streetwear clothes.

And that's how I N T R U Z CLOTHING was born.


From the very beginning, we made the quality of our clothes our main focus. ‘If you want a thing done well, do it yourself..’ Just as in life: sometimes it's better, sometimes worse, but the most important thing is to keep moving forward! All those nights spent working with silk-screen printing, cigarette smoke mixed with paint vapour, and the satisfaction from a job well done, is what we still vividly remember from those days.


Without preaching too much about mission statements, the one crucial ingredient that really brought us all together in our many ventures, is what we call the INTRUZ FAMILY. We try to support and promote original and creative individuals, all those whose passions and lifestyles differ from what is commonly accepted by the society. Some people appreciate this, some don't. Those who are with us quite often feel like intruders in everyday life; we speak the same language.


We keep a low profile, but that's how we like it. We prefer to observe, analyse and draw our own conclusions, 'cause we believe that sometimes, instead of following the masses, it's better to do your own thing.